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Taste of Italy Manufacturing

“At Taste of Italy we’re all about good Italian comfort food. We’re not trying to save the world or anything just feeding those of you who are.”

You know, the way your mom did…if she was Italian and lived to cook for you. Italian food is everywhere right? True, but it’s not all good. “It’s all about the sauce” you’ll hear or, “It’s the dough that makes the difference”. At Taste of Italy, we know the secret. Like good Italian gravy, what really makes it taste so good is using the freshest ingredients in a tried-and-true recipe and cooking it for just the right amount of time.

With over 25 years in the Italian food business and over 10 year of experience in manufacturing and food distribution we have a lot of knowledge about our industry.

You may have tried our Taste of Italy brand of Arancini, Stromboli, Tiniz and Pizza at your local grocery store, pizza shop or restaurant. We also work with franchising companies like the Philly Pretzel Factory, who appreciate the hand made taste of our food and co-brand it with their specialties.

If the idea of our delicious comfort food isn’t enough to catch your attention, we’re sure our founder and President, Pat McKenna will.

It’s a long-time joke at Taste of Italy that Pat walks into the meetings and tells people his real name is Rocco Mangravitti. With an Irish father and Sicilian mother, Pat grew up surrounded by good Italian food. So when it comes to a good recipes for our products: It’s not good enough until its perfect!

Most importantly, we want you to know, Delicious is our Promise! If it’s not right or its not good, we don’t let it leave our plant. If you’re not happy, let us know.

We’re real people making really good food and above all we want you and of course your customers to be happy.

At Taste of Italy we’re all about quality Italian comfort food.

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